Friday, April 16, 2021



The trends in hospitality business & hotel industry has changed the industry to a huge extent. This is primarily due to the magical involvement of technology. Apart from the technology, its innovation in the hospitality business that makes it standout. Hence, both has been the cause of some major changes lately in the industry. Regards to the lavishness and richness, realisations have been made along with these changes. As well as the class factors, and being conscious in terms of the international industry standards. This is about pure customer satisfaction and support. Hence, involving all frontiers for maximum improvisation and customer support.

As part of the Green practices energy efficiency has played a major role internationally. Hence, while improving the aspects that really are worthwhile for saving energy measures. These includes energy efficient systems installed in the modern hotels. Mainly, for cost savings and saving energy, i.e. sustainability aspects. Considered as a major prime concern are the sustainability measures, i.e. in the hospitality business esp. in North America. On top of this, Canada is up to the challenge in diverse ways. Canada has proved everyday with the help of improved and standardised steps to the world. Hence, these are incremental steps regards to the energy efficiency measures taken nationwide.

These steps includes from communications and guest experience. Finally, to cost savings through energy efficiency. Apart from these, from revenue opportunities to more enhanced methods of operations.

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